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Newark High School Class of 1960
Newark High School Wildcats - Class of 1960
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          Bowling - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960 Tony's - NHS Wildcats 1960 Dagwood - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960 PF Flyers - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960 Jukebox - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960 Roller Skating - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960

Life in '50s "Nerk, Ahia"

Most of us drove our parent's cars, but . . .
the lucky ones drove '48 - '52 Fords, Chevy's, Plymouths and Dodges in various colors and conditions.
The guys spent plenty of  money (when we had it) on baseball cards.
Some of our favorite places to be were Tony's, Natoma's and Blamer's.
Playing the juke box at the L&K - 6 plays for a quarter.
Ice cream cones, sundaes and floats at Kelleys famous dairy bar.
Funnies in the newspaper delivered to the door weekdays and Sundays.
Hooties on East Main and movies at the Valley Drive-in.
Gym jams at the YMCA and root beer at Stewarts Drive-in out on the west side on Church Street (almost to Dugway Park). 
Dancing at the Crystal and Pier Ballrooms out at Buckeye Lake. You had to be 18, but somehow we got through the door!
Saturdays we could be found thumbing through the vinyl at Martins and McMichaels Music Stores.
Great food at Dagwoods restaurant on East Main and the BEST PIZZA EVER at Balandies, out at the end of Hudson Ave.
The Arcade Theatre (in the Arcade) owned by Clark Rader (Ben and Becky's dad).
The Grand Theatre on the south side of the square where we watched the old "B" cowboy movies - Lash Larue, Tom Mix, etc.
High school games with friends, gathering at a party, and get togethers at someone's house (with the parents home).
More hours than we can count were spent at the rolling rink.
White "sneakers," P.F. Flyers, black and white saddles and brown loafters - now that was coooooool.
And every Christmas, we and a few hundred others would oooh and aaah at the lighting of the County Courthouse.

Life in '50s USA


All the girls had ugly gym uniforms (and we
had to make them in sewing class - yuk!).

Nearly all of our moms were there to greet us
when we got home from school.

TV - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960 It took 5 minutes for the
TV to warm up.

A quarter was a decent allowance, and we'd
reach into a muddy gutter for a penny.

Decisions were made by eeny-meeny-miney-moe, and mistakes were corrected by do-overs.  

Real "street cred" meant doing a double dog dare, and oly-oly-oxen-free made perfect sense.

Mutts - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960 No one we knew owned
a purebed dog (except Timmy and Rusty).

Being sent to the principal's office was nothing compared to
the fate that awaited
us at home.

Catching lightning bugs in a glass jar with holes punched in the lid could happily occupy an entire evening. (You know, we still could!)

We would lie back in the grass with friends and
say things like, "That cloud looks like a ... ."

Pea Shooter - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960 Having a weapon in
school meant a slingshot, spit wad, water balloon or pea shooter.

Baseball cards in the spokes transformed any bike into a motorcycle.
All our male teachers wore neckties and female teachers  wore  heels  (ouch!).

Laundry detergent had free glasses, dishes or towels hidden inside and we battled with our siblings over cereal boxes with the send-in
box-top prize offer.

Baseball was played with no adults around to
help us with the rules of the game.

S&H Green Stamps - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960 We got our windshield cleaned, oil checked
and gas pumped,
without asking, all for free, every time. And
we didn't have to pay
for AIR!

A '57 Chevy was our dream car . . . to cruise,
peel out, lay rubber or watch submarine races.

We never asked where the car keys were
because they were always in the car, in the
ignition and the doors were never locked.

Nancy Drew - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960 Our time was spent with Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, Laurel & Hardy, Howdy Doody, the Lone Ranger, The Shadow, Nellie Bell, Roy & Dale, Trigger & Buttermilk.

The Shadow - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960

Wowsville, Daddy-O, Bash, Hep, String Me,
Nowheresville, Nuggets, Classy Chassis
Allie Oop, Wazoo, Beatnic, On the Stick, Passion Pit, Wet Rag, Squaresville, Bent Eight, Hang, Frosted, Razz my Berries, What's Buzzin Cuzzin, Cherry, Real Gone, Horn, In Orbit, Kick, the Most, Cut the Gas, Kookie, Itsy Bitsy, Jelly Roll, DDT, Nest, Grody, Mirror Warmer, Be Bop, Don't Have a Cow, Ivy Leaguer, Keen, Tight, Make the Scene, Lay a Patch, Get Bent, Jacketed, Fream, Flip Top, Goose It, Cube, Greaser, Kill, and, of course, Back Seat Bingo.

Toni - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960
 Evening in Paris - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960 Camay - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960

Home Perms for $2.00 - Which Twin has
     the Toni?
and Bobbi Soft Pin Curls
Beehive, Bouffant, Turtle Dove, Beau Belle,      Heather, and the Bob
Evening in Paris, Prince Matchabelli
Tangee The World's Most Famous Lipstick
Camay Cold Cream Soap
Angora, rhinestoned and embroidered
     sweaters, poodle skirts, neckerchief,
     white gloves for church, dotted
     cotton, peppermint blouses, crinolen,
     rick rack, saddles and Mary Janes
Horn-rimmed, Cat's Eye with Rhinestones,
     Round, Browline eye glasses

Ducktail - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960 Brylcreem - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960 Cardigan - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960

Crew Cut, Tapered, Flat Top
Pompadour, and Pompadour with DA
Duck Tail or Duck Butt
Brylcream (a little dab a do ya),
     Tiger, V
italis, and Pomade Wax
Tapered and gray flannel suits, suit
     jackets and trousers, cardigan and
     letter sweaters, skinny ties, denim
     jeans, white t-shirts with sleeves rolled
     up, leather and denim jackets, loafers,  
     PF Flyers and Converse high tops

Kookie - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960
Perry Mason
The Phil Silvers Show
Adventures of Rin Tin Tin
The Lone Ranger
77 Sunset Strip
Twilight Zone


1950 Credit Card - USA
1951 Breeder Reactor - USA
1952 Hovercraft - England
1952 Hydrogen Bomb - USA
1953 Transistor Radio - USA
1954 Robot - USA
1954 Solar Cell - USA
1955 Atomic Clock - England
1956 Nuclear Power - England
1956 Video Recorder - USA
1956 Video Tape - USA
1957 Satellite - Russia
1958 Computer Modem - USA
1958 Microchip - USA
1959 Lunar Probe - Russia

House - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960
In 1950, the average annual income was $3,210, by '59 it was $5,010

In 1950, gas was 18¢ a gallon, by

'59 it was 25¢

In 1950, a new house cost $8,450,
by 1959 it was $12,400

Gas Attendant - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960

In 1950, the average cost of a new car
was $1,500, by '59 it was $2,400

57 Cjhevy - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960

American cheese 45¢ a #
Carnation Milk 14¢
Coffee 37¢ a #
Bread 12¢
Gerber baby food 10¢
Grape jelly 19¢
Grapefruit 4¢
Ground hamburger 27¢ a #
Kellogg's Shredded Wheat 18¢
Lettuce 12¢
Margarine 19¢ a #
Miracle Whip 55¢

Tide - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960 Palmolive bar soap 7¢
Peanut butter 29¢
Fresh pineapple 25¢
Pork & beans 8¢
Sugar 43¢ a #
Tide Giant Pack 67¢
Toothpaste 29¢
Toilet paper 5¢
Turkey 49¢ per #

Adding Machine - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960  Philco - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960 Gerber Baby Food - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960Hair Dryer - NHS Wildcats Class of 1960

Polo shirt 99¢
Nylon stockings 50¢
Ladies full length cashmere coat $59
Boys denim jeans $2.49
Boys winter jacket $4.88
Mens shirt $3.99
Womens handbag $1.32
Men's all wool suits  $28.90

Mechanical adding machine $3.98
Infant crib $24.95
Chenille bedspread $3.49
Philco 20" B&W TV $229.95
Sylvania 17" B&W TV $179.95
Regency gas range $144.95
Singer sewing machine $19.95
GE portable food mixer $18.95
Hair dryer $5.95
HiFi Stereo $199.95